Choose Your Transformation Fitness Challenge



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In our 8-week choose your transformation challenge, YOU get to pick your goals. Maybe you want to:

  • Lose inches
  • Train for a half-marathon
  • Drop weight
  • Achieve a certain number of pull ups
  • Lean out by dropping body fat percent
  • Get in a certain number of workouts in a week
  • Build a new fitness or nutrition related habit
  • Get swim suit ready for summer or that special trip

It can be ANYTHING! This program works! And the reason it works is because we have THE BEST of the 3 keys to achieving your fitness goal:

Optimized Training from Expert Coaches

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The right kind of exercise- Here at Ascent Life Fitness, we do HIRT style training. That is, High-Intensity Interval Resistance training. We incorporate strength training AND cardio in one workout, so you get the most intense, efficient, calorie busting workout for your time- only 45 minutes!
And you don’t even have to think about it! Our incredible trainers are doing the workouts right along with you, pacing the class and offering help on modifications and form. These workouts are scalable, so whether you are super fit or just getting started, they will be just what you need!

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Customized Nutrition Plans

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The right nutrition- We will give you a personalized meal plan, specific to your goals and needs. Our meal plans focus on real, delicious food. Our motto is “if it doesn’t taste good, don’t eat it!” And the best part is, you don’t have to be hungry!

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Community of Support and Coaches for Accountability

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The accountability you need to stick with your program- You can have the best workout plan and the best nutrition plan, but without the accountability, it’s really hard to stick to your goals. You probably all know what I’m talking about. That’s where we come in. During your challenge, You will get a personal coach who will contact you weekly, bi-weekly check-ins to make sure you are making progress. If you aren’t, we will figure out why! In addition to this, we have an awesome community of members who have completed challenges successfully. And they want to see you do the same!

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The big question you are probably asking is what’s the cost to do a challenge like this? NOTHING! This challenge is our gift to you for choosing to sign up for a membership with us. If you are unsure about whether or not you want to join our FitFam, no worries! You can still do the challenge. We will make it work!

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All you have to do now is click the schedule button to make an appointment to sign up. When you come in, here is what to expect:

One of our coaches will talk with you about your goal, and help you come up with a game plan. If you are not sure what your fitness goal should be, no problem! We can help you find a goal that is exciting, challenging, but achievable!

We will get baseline measurements with our InBody scanner- this machine measures your body fat %, muscle mass, and body fat mass, for a much more comprehensive view of your progress. Be prepared to take before pictures- before and after pictures are a great way to see the changes in your body.

Come with your questions about exercise, nutrition, and anything else, along with your A-game! Guys, this is going to be FUN!