9 hacks to help break your sugar addiction

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If your friend was an alcoholic would you recommend they just try “cutting back” on their alcohol consumption? You wouldn’t because you know that eventually they will be drinking as usual. The same holds true for added sugar. Sugar is very addictive and if you choose the “cutting back” approach it won’t be long before you are owned by sugar again.

“Nature abhors a vacuum.” Think in terms of replacing those sugar laden foods with something else that you love but is healthier.

Here is a list of ideas (hacks) from FitMania clients:

  • Plain Greek yogurt with a little honey and almonds (Kim Olsen)
  • Fresh berries with Greek yogurt (Gigi Davis)
  • Banana with peanut butter (Beth Williams)
  • Dark chocolate 70% cocoa or darker (Maynard Davis)
  • Frozen banana blended with cocoa powder (Chad Powell)
  • Chew gum preferably sweetened with xylitol (Mariam Ridgwell)
  • Milk shake made with coconut milk and berries (Jeneen Haven)
  • Fruit (Alex Barrows)
  • Cottage cheese (Meghan Saboori)

Mind set ideas:

  • Changing from “I can’t have sugar” to “I wonder what will happen if I don’t have sugar”. I will never truly know if I insert it back in. (Jerusha Baker)
  • Knowing the damage sugar causes. The list is too long for today. (Maynard Davis)
  • Saying to myself, “The junk will always be there and I don’t need to eat it right now.” (Haley Hunter)
  • I work way too hard during my FitMania sessions to cave to a sugar craving. (Stephanie Shaffer)
  • Keeping a calendar and every time I’m craving something write down what the trigger was and what I ate instead. (Kris Jensen)

Maynard Davis is right. Sugar is not just about weight control. It is easier to give it up when you know just how bad sugar is for you. Watch for the next FitLife Fuel and a list of the harmful effects of sugar.

by Sherry Stirling Fernandez

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