Break your Ropes

Make it a point to rid your speech and thoughts of all forms of negative self-talk. -Karl Albrecht



Full-grown adult elephants are generally tethered by a small rope tied around their back right leg. They could easily break the rope and yet they stay tied to the spot regardless of their desire to move about freely.


Because they don’t know that they can break the rope!

When they are very young they are tied to immovable stakes by chains. They struggle for a period of three to four weeks to free themselves and then give up.  They have now been conditioned and for the rest of their lives they will believe they cannot move when anything is tied to their back right leg.

Many of us have been conditioned to accept less than we can have and less than we can be. This is a common problem in fitness. Many people think that being lean and strong is for other people. This self-limiting belief can slow or halt their efforts to be lean, strong and fit.

What have you been conditioned to believe about your body that might hold you back? And while you are thinking about that you might ask yourself the same question about your job and your relationships and any other place you might feel stuck. Every one of us can do more and be more than we think we can. Don’t be held back by what you believe about yourself and your limitations.

Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they’re yours. -Richard Bach

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