FITLIFE 90 Day Challenge



Sign up now and save $30!

GRAND PRIZE IS A TRIP TO HAWAII FOR TWO! (Includes airfare and logding)

The official details of our upcoming fall fitness challenge starting September 16th!

  • Sign ups will occur on the 12th, 13th and 14th of September. Here you’ll get all the resources you need for success! Start tracking, build a plan, get your personalized nutrition profile and CRUSH IT. We’ll send out sign up slots for this soon!
  • We’re giving away a week-long trip to Hawaii for two! …and other big cash prizes. Hawaii trip for two will be awarded as an overall, grand prize winner. Other cash prizes will be awarded to individuals who win their category.
  • Early bird registration will IS NOW LIVE! $99 if you sign up before Sept 1. $129 if you sign up Sept 1 or after.
  • Membership deals for newbies: $360 for 3 mo upfront (normally $420)
  • Swag bags when you sign up! Contents could include but won’t be limited to Stickers, branded water bottles, trainer favorite recipe books, nutrition infographics and fridge magnets, challenge wrist bands to remind you of your 90 day commitment, and tracking resources, etc.
  • Finisher t shirts that are specific to the challenge! That say FINISHER on them. 😱 Obviously you get this upon finishing.
  • Also, we’re building out our nutrition program further with this challenge! We’ll have nutrition profile build outs for our clients that will tell them what their strengths and weaknesses are with food. It will suggest what type of plan they should stick to in order to see success. We’ll also host a nutrition workshop two weeks into the challenge free for challenge participants. This will help individuals get in tune with themselves nutrition wise and open their eyes to new, exciting ways to be successful in nutrition! 
  • And finally, weekly checkins and tracking sheets for both general goals and food planning!


We hope you’ll join us!

The Ascent Crew