Are you still doing crunches?  
Back in my days of working out at the gym I used to get done with my workout throw in a few dozen crunches to work my core. If I was really wanting results I would do a few more. I now know that if you want a strong core or a “six pack”, crunches are not the way to get them.
Here is why:
1. We have many core muscles that work together to support our spine. Crunches and sit ups only work one.
2. Our spine only has so many bends in it before the discs wear out causing lower back issues.
3. For most people our abs are laying under belly fat.  Anybody can have defined abs if they are thin enough.
Do this instead:
1. Planks. Planks can work all the muscles that support the spine for a stronger body and also burning a lot more calories.
2. Intense cardio in intervals will uncover your core muscles.  High intensity intervals is the only known way to target belly fat.
3. Eat clean.  Do eat, please. But eat lots of protein, vegetables, fruit, eggs, dairy, nuts . . . And skip the box products, soft drinks and especially added sugar.
Start now and impress yourself with a strong body, flat stomach and maybe some great ab definition by summer.
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by Sherry Stirling Fernandez

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