I like it when I made progress myself, but after this program totally altering my life, I really enjoy seeing that happen with others

1. How did you improve in each of the following areas over the last 90 days?

Physical (the advanced fitness test could be an option)
-I started out strong! I did all the advanced fitness tests and even beat my mile time! In the last 2 years I have cut off almost 2 minutes off my mile time.
-Started out strong with food too – planned meals weekly. I struggled to stick with it and I know that is what put me back. I have a plan and am starting to plan again – that was when I was the most successful. I was pleasantly surprised with my measurements.

-Studied scriptures everyday and wrote in my journal, including something I’m grateful for.
-Attended all 3 hours of church every Sunday.
-Went to the Twin Falls Temple – I’d never been there before. Made it a fun day trip with Jen Jenkins.

-Took a trip to Utah and saw my sister I hadn’t seen in a few years, along with a lot of other family. Had a really good time, got along with everyone, stayed calm – pretty big success!
-This area is difficult for me. I love people, I love being around people, but I get nervous when I’m not familiar with a situation and often choose to be alone and not go. In the last 1-2 months I have increased my attendance of social activities outside of FitMania by about 1,000%! (I am looking for a husband after all).

-I read 4 books during the Challenge, including finishing How to Win Friends & Influence People, which I had been dragging my feet to finish. For 90% of the Challenge I had a motivational audio playing in my car whenever I was driving. I particularly enjoyed Born to Run, although I don’t love to run. It was fascinating & inspiring that our bodies are meant to move and if something hurts, there’s a reason, but it doesn’t mean our bodies were mean to stop moving hard!
-Prayed everyday to ‘see the good’. I didn’t realize how negative I think and speak until I was challenged to do this. I’m nowhere near perfect here, but it has really helped me to stop my negative thinking and find the good in every situation. Some days are better than others, and this is a life-long goal.

-I had a goal to save $800 to put in my savings. I saved $550, so not quite there, but that’s a huge increase from any kind of savings goals I had before FitMania. My goal is to move out this year… I’m not sure if that will happen, but it won’t be much longer before I should be able to!
-I had a goal to meet with Ken about my budget. Although I didn’t make a formal appointment with him like I have in the past, we did meet and he helped me adjust some planning. It was so nice because although I still have a lot of debt I’m paying off from years of bad spending choices, I am on a really good track to be financially independent. I’m excited about that!
-Also saved all the money I needed for the cruise & all the extras I want to do!

-Went out of my comfort zone and have gone out knocking on doors 3 separate times, to spread the word about FitMania. It’s pretty scary (and sweaty!) but has been rewarding to share something I love and believe in.

-I began training right at the end of the Challenge. This is something I’ve always said I wasn’t interested in doing. This has really pushed me out of my comfort zone. It’s been an enjoyable (and scary) experience and I’m excited for more. I love being pushed out of my comfort zone so I can learn how to help our clients do the same. I love seeing others stretch & grow.
-Something a little silly, but I made a goal to floss everyday for 1 month and I did it for 3 months & am still going! According to Ken I’ve added 7 years to my life :)
-Wanted to donate blood and did that too :)

2. What would you like your fellow trainers to know about your Challenge experiences?
It’s so cool to watch the total life changes that people experience. That’s my favorite part. I like it when I made progress myself, but after this program totally altering my life, I really enjoy seeing that happen with others and being a part of that. I love watching people push to their limits and experience the pride from doing truly difficult things.
I have learned that the Challenges have helped me make life changes overall and not always with a main focus on my size/body.
My first 2 challenges I made huge progress – over 40inches and over 40 lbs. Things have significantly slowed down from there. This was my 5th challenge and I have maintained my weight/inches for the last year. It’s a mind game losing weight and making new habits. I’m very afraid of the statistic that people who lose a significant amount of weight (60 lbs total) and inches (about 55/60 inches total) gain in back within a year. It’s hard all the time and I have to remind myself why this is important to me. Watching others make similar changes and make goals and better habits helps to remind me that the goal is to be healthy & strong and try not to focus so much on size.

3. What will you do to insure your continued personal growth?
Continue to be accountable. Use the tracking sheet to make more goals. Especially the satisfaction checklist. I’m surprised at how many things I did (13/20). I thought I didn’t do that many.

Before & After

Multiple Challenge Results