My head hasn’t been this clear in almost 14 years

I accepted the Lean for Life Challenge last May because I wanted to become stronger. Mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually are what I needed help in. I made a commitment early on in 2016 to become stronger. Then a few months later Fit Mania opened its doors in my back yard. I had no excuses. It was destiny. I had it planned to do the challenge and then started chickening out, then my husband Craig said he was signing up. I’m pretty sure it was to egg me on, so I signed up. Also I know my husband, he needed my help. ;)

This Challenge had me excited. I had goals, I had plans I was ready to conquer the world. So I meal planned through camping, a wedding out of state, girls camp and I was feeling successful in my choices. I felt emotionally stronger, to the point of coming off anti-depressants. I am a happy person by nature but life got the best of me and I was emotionally weak and needed help. My head hasn’t been this clear in almost 14 years, food is so important, sugar is a cloud in life. So I was doing super good, then the fourth of July shook me, dipped me in syrup and rung me out to dry!!! It was a rough whole week. I felt pathetic and like a failure, then I got back on track and got myself measured and wouldn’t you know it, I was losing inches!!! My sister-in-law commented on my sinuous looking arms! Jaw drop! I was hooked, I kicked my eating back into gear and set some goals for myself and pushed harder! It was a journey and I loved it! I really loved the Advance Training I took towards the end as well. It was eye opening and very rewarding. I look forward to building strength so I can share my enthusiasm and help motivate others to overcome obstacles.

Before & After

Multiple Challenge Results