Ben S

My successes are that I did not just quit

One of my favorite quotes is from Darren Hardy and it says, “If you aren’t improving you’re falling behind”. So this challenge is  one of the things that has helped me improve, I did not make much progress  and even went back a little but it helped me know that I do not want to go backwards any more.
The other reason I did this challenge is that it gives me a lot of motivation. Motivation to set and achieve goals to become a better person in aĺl aspects of my life.

My successes are that I did not just quit I wanted to but I’ve already completed 3 challenges so I have to have an even number and do 4. My challenges were that I went on vacation for a month to my grandparents so there was extra processed food and bread that I definitely could have skipped but I gave up for a bit and ate them. That may seem like I messed up big time but it helped me know why I should only take ONE free MEAL not day.

Before & After

Multiple Challenge Results