I would attribute this challenge to another positive step forward in becoming a better human being

I have had many friends and family members that have completed various physical challenges from workouts to Ironman triathlons. I’ve heard how there experiences not only pushed their limits physically but also spiritually. I always envied them a little bit. At the time of the start of this challenge I recognized that my life needed both physical and mental changes. Although hesitant, I wanted to push through my physical pains and struggles. I wasn’t sleeping well, I was often tired, two years of lower back pain was driving me nuts, and quite frankly, I wanted to look stronger. And although hesitant, my mental attitude towards life needed a big makeover as well; more than my physical. I was impatient, stressed, anxious, quite depressed, and needed to treat my wife better. Probably more than anything, this challenge was a time I knew I could have time to be with my wife every day to strengthen our relationship. I took the challenge as an opportunity to try to be happier.

What were your successes, obstacles, life changes, etc. during the Challenge?
I’ll take the fact that I finished the challenge as a great success! About halfway through the
challenge my body almost shut down. I think the change in exercise and diet put my body through a “what the heck are you doing to me?!” phase. Because of that I had to miss a few days of the workouts to recover. Thoughts of “just quit” entered my mind, but once I could, I got back into the routine rather than giving up. My body got over that unseen hump to finish strong. About halfway through I also lost site of the main reason why I started, which was to better my relationship with my wife. Priorities also got out of focus in other areas of my life at times because the challenge was so demanding. It was good to recognize those things and correct them. I wouldn’t say all the things I know I need to work on are now perfected, but I would attribute this challenge to another positive step forward in becoming a better human being. A big life change moving forward will be the way I eat. I’ve always been one who could eat whatever I wanted and not see a change. Well, I’ve found that that statement was untrue. The change I was getting from an unhealthy diet was 90% negative, and I never realized it. That diet was the fatigue, the “hangry” Craig, the inability to get lean, etc. By changing my diet for the first time in my life I sleep better, I have a better feeling in health, I have a more defined body, and I have an overall positive feeling about myself. My body now rejects the junk I used to eat.

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