“Successes were no injuries, better eating,/combining and more efficient. Not spending so much time thinking about what/when to eat, just functioning better on autopilot”

I joined the 90 day challenge because my kid wanted me to.  Our love of exercise and challenging each other drives us both and it is amazing to be able to now share Fitmania with her. What I did not expect is the change I would see in myself and the relationships with those around me.

I have been coming to Fitmania for close to 2 years now. I go through the motions. Its hard, yes, but I have been doing a version of this (getting up early and working out) for upwards of 33 years. I KNOW the Fitmania protocol is different. Different from any way I have worked out previously and I became a superfan long ago. What I never quite got was the “challenge”.

Signing up for the challenge and living ALL of the Fitmania life has been eye opening. The biggest and best thing has been watching with excitement the changes my fellow Fitmaniacs are making in their lives and supporting and loving them. Don’t get me wrong, I did before (I thought), but participating in this challenge together has changed the way I see the program and my fellow travelers. It is so motivating for me to see other people embrace the discipline for exercise that I have had (God given) myself and particularly, to see the changes coming from inside everyone. My heart sings when I walk into the room and see Megan, Annette, Jen,  ect, ect, ect, as they come everyday just like I do. The bitter truth is that it is so hard to get up every day and get your rear into the gym. I’m truly so happy they get up too and we draw strength from each other.

I enjoyed the cooking and eating classes with Summer. I have also made some positive changes in my food combining that is better for me, specifically eating before exercise everyday and adding the hated carbs. Hahaha And I am laughing at myself as I have the ability to exclude entire food groups from my diet. Carbs were not my friend.  Although I had adapted my eating years ago to account for my age, activity, post children changes, ect.  a few more tweaks have been good for me. I have been eating smaller and more frequently. This is hard for me and a continuous work in progress, but I can see the benefits and am embracing them.

The trainers are my friends and they are on the same road as everyone which I love. They are great listeners, motivators and supporters. This is really a great group of quality individuals! Sometimes I engage in a negative self talk in my head unfortunately which comes forward from a life of different things, parent issues, self worth, blah, blah, blah. The reasons I exercise are varied, there is the fit body but also the fit mind. My exercise program keeps me on an even keel in my mind as well. This is something that I have always wanted to share with my children and family and am sharing with my Fitmania family. The women of Fitmania are beautiful and everyone is different and unique with different strengths and talents.  I feel accepted for just who I am.

The thing that has been very cool for me also is to see a loss of 6.5 overall in me!!!!! I just didn’t know if I could do anymore and I could! I improved quite a bit on my fitness testing as well which feels pretty darn good.  The final prep for the pictures was motivating and although I fussed about the measurements and pictures, I am so glad I did that to see the progress. I really get it now. ☺ Thanks guys.

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Successes were no injuries, better eating,/combining and more efficient. Not spending so much time thinking about what/when to eat, just functioning better on auopilit.

Obstacles were Katie’s wedding time. Hard to be disciplined all the time! No life changes this time except a brand new baby son in law!

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