“In my opinion, being willing to become more mindful and honest about areas in our life that could use some extra love and attention is growth in and of itself.”

Personal growth is so empowering! It is also, exhausting, enlightening, maddening, fulfilling, frustrating, full of emotional highs and lows, and the list goes on and on. My goal at the beginning of this 90 challenge was to finally just complete one!  (Did you know that I signed up for, and immediately dropped out, of the very first challenge Fitmania ever offered? Yup, it is true). Not only did I complete this challenge (go me!) but I have experienced a wide array of successes, and uncovered areas of my life that could really use some extra attention. In my opinion, being willing to become more mindful and honest about areas in our life that could use some extra love and attention is growth in and of itself.

My physical goals during this challenge were to beat my mile time by at least 20 seconds, and to increase the amount of pushups that I could do in a minute. My starting mile time was 6:45, and my end of challenge mile time was 6:19. I am really proud of that! I shaved 26 seconds off my time, and I stayed pretty consistent with my action steps of running outside 3-4 days a week. 31 was my initial pushup record in a minute, at the end of the challenge I reached 37 pushups in a minute (all on my toes of course). That was not quite the increase I was hoping for. However, I faithfully did 50 to 75 (extra) pushups the whole challenge 5 days a week. While my increase of 6 is on the smaller side, I feel stronger in my pushup form, physical strength, and in my discipline to keep the commitment I made to follow my action steps.

Spiritual goals were a struggle; I resisted them nearly the entire time. I had a goal to say a morning and nightly personal prayer, on my knees and out loud. I think I had about a 50% success rate for this. This goal is something I know is important for my relationship with a Higher Power, and so it will remain on my list of goals until it becomes a true habit and I feel no resistance to the daily act of doing it at all.

For my family and relationship goals the area that I have noticed the most growth was with my kids. I set the intention to be more present and available to my children when they needed me. My action steps included, spending less time on my phone when they were around, making eye contact with them when they were talking to me, and, whenever possible, stopping what I was doing to listen and interact with them. I am making progress in with these action steps. I am more aware and mindful, and plan on continuing to use these action steps to be more present with my children and build my relationships with them.

I had a goal to listen to something mentally and emotionally motivating to me each day, and I succeeded at that most days! I plan on continuing this habit, because, well I can tell that it is good for me and, on days I did it, I felt a difference in my mental state.

Oh, finances.  I successfully made an appointment with Ken, and plan on making another. I have grown in my mindset towards money most over the last 90 days. I have been working hard to adopt a more abundant mindset towards money, and several of my daily affirmations reflect this. I have continued goals to live within my budget, and also to find ways to increase my available budget.

As I started this challenge, I also started training classes here at Fitmania. A lot of my business and professional goals related to becoming a more proficient, knowledgeable, and confident trainer. I subbed as many classes as I could, attended as many meetings as I could and have really tried to pour myself into becoming an effective trainer. This is a process; I still have so much to learn and lots more ways to grow. But I am proud of my progress and my commitment to improving.

You would not think that fun lifestyle goals would be difficult, but for me they were. Allowing myself to relax or do something fun, guilt free, has become more difficult for me during my parenting years. I am proud of myself for making more time each week to try and do things that sounded fun to me for the sole purpose of enjoyment! I have tried to make a more concerted effort to spend some time doing things that I truly enjoy. I am still discovering what those things are, and I plan on continuing to get to know what they are and spend more time doing them.

I would like my fellow trainers to know that my main prize and goal in this whole experience has been the actual completion of it. Completely flaking on Challenge number one, and in turn flaking on myself, has been something that has always haunted me. Sounds overdramatic, but I mean it. Showing back up at Fitmania, over 3 years after that first challenge, took a lot of guts and courage on my part. Deep down I knew I really wanted to be here, but I was scared! I knew I needed to do it, I could feel it, and so I finally did it. (Toby Shaffer and Chad Powell may have had something to do with willingness to return. ☺) I am so grateful that I came back, and committed myself to this program and this group of people. I feel like I am finally growing and progressing in so many aspects of my life again, which is something I have been thirsting for, for so long. The personal growth and progress I am experiencing my being surrounded by Fitmaniac’s, is fuel. It fuels me to continue to desire for more growth for myself, and that as I grow I can hopefully be a beneficial influence to those I come in contact with each day.

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