Over the last 90 days, I worked on these goals:

Complete an Ironman worth of swimming (2.4 miles) biking (112 miles) and running (26.2 miles) in the 90 days. Yes- I did this!
Do the Sally Up song with pushups ALL on my toes. I got through about 17 (of 31) pushups on my toes. To be continued…
Be able to do 12 pull ups in 1 minute To be continued…

Find peace and beauty in Boise Yes- many times! This is getting easier.

Family & Relationships
Foster better relationships with our relatives in Mexico. I put What’s App on my phone to better communicate with them (pictures, texts, and calls) Hosted our Mexican cousins for 3 weeks.
Travel to spend time with my parents 3 times this summer I made it once! (But doing the Next Level Class and hosting the relatives got in the way of the other two opportunities.)
Travel to Cheyenne, WY to visit a friend and her new baby Yes!

Mental & Motivational
Listen to Darren Daily Frequently- and I got a friend to start this too.
Spend time evaluating values Yes- I spent time on this both in my mind and visiting with a mentor.

Maintain my budget (cash only) with the above entertaining and travel. Yes!

Organize the digital files related to FitMania (on my laptop and at FitMania) Nope- but I did brainstorm ways to synchronize files. I took on some other responsibilities at FitMania like the summer Next Level Course and managing the schedules that were not planned but worked out.
Be a committed Challenge coach I had moments of success, but not my best.
Submit my teacher re-certification I have it all ready, I just have to send it.
Create a handout for my Spanish pre-school course in the fall. Not yet (1 more week!)

Become an intermediate level horsewoman. I started lessons!
Journal Yes and no. I wrote every day until July.
Go camping with just Mario and the girls. Yes!

Past Challenge experiences:
The other day I got to take a horse ride along the canal with Mario and our riding instructor. I felt pretty confident in my horse riding abilities, although I was in a different saddle and I’d not been along this canal with these three horses. These little details made it a new experience, even though it was not my first time on a horse. At one point, the order of our horses got switched around and my horse started acting up because she was NOT happy to have the two geldings behind her. We all stayed on our horses which was a “win” but I was surprised (and a little disappointed) that I was not as calm, cool and confident as I would have liked. My heart was racing, I lost my stirrups, and I forgot to breathe among other things. I feel like this riding experience parallels my Challenge 9 experience. Like the ride, for most of the challenge, I did what I needed to, felt both excited and comfortable with trying new things and overall enjoyed the experience with no “harm” done. However, there were moments when life got a little hectic and I didn’t perform as well as I would have liked. To an outsider, I might have gone through the motions in an acceptable way, but inside, I am humbled to know that I still have a lot of room for improvement.
Collectively, my horse riding experiences (and previous Challenges) have built foundations that influence my decisions, my responses to stress, and my interests. I find it interesting to reflect on the many changes (both big and small) that have taken place in my life over the past 3 years and 8 Challenges. These are just some areas and in no particular order:
Kids- used to be in diapers, cribs, not talking, not eating “adult food”
Jobs- Mario works nights now, my job responsibilities (FitMania has grown a lot since 2013- there was no Annette!), I also clean house and teach Spanish pre-school which I didn’t before
Technology changes- I now have an Iphone for a computer and a camera! I’m not sure if I even knew what Facebook was 3 years ago, no Zen Planner
+/-1300days (186 weeks) (43 months) of which I’ve set goals- many were set, some of them met and others ignored
3 years of practicing the Challenge principles and working with hundreds of clients (close to 1,000)…where will I be in 3 more years?

My personal growth continued:
The idea of what is possible to do in the next 1300 days is exciting! I also, know those days will pass whether I have a plan or not, so I choose to have a plan. There is a visual of filling a glass jar with stones, pebbles, sand and water- the jar representing how much time we have, and the items represent what we do. The key to having it all fit it the order in which you prioritize the items. I need to continue to identify and prioritize my values (the stones) so they go in first, and save the miscellaneous things (water) for last so that everything fits.
I have also learned that while I am ultimately responsible for my decisions, I know that the people I surround myself with play an important role in my focus and interests. I find it valuable to schedule time to talk with my “mentors”. They help me feel grounded by offering different perspectives on things. I want to make time for this reflection.
I want to continue to build daily habits that use my energy most efficiently. I love it when certain disciplines come through like strong fundamentals and help me overcome things that used to be obstacles.
In reflecting over the past challenges, I notice a common theme to one of my weaknesses…getting my actions to match my priorities. One of the main areas I need to fix is that I want to be able to show that I prioritize my family over my other parts of my life.

Before & After

Multiple Challenge Results