I want to be the best “ME” for myself as well as for my children so I will be around as long as I can to encourage and help them become the best they can be

The realization of how short life really is hit me all of the sudden once I had children. Time began to pass quicker than I have ever experienced. This is when it hit me… I only have only life to live and one body to live it in. Understanding that taking care of my body is the best investment I can make was a pivotal moment for me. I want to be the best “ME” for myself as well as for my children so I will be around as long as I can to encourage and help them become the best they can be. It was time to overcome some unhealthy habits and work on improving my over all wellbeing.
One of the most important challenges to overcome would be my sugar addiction. Not only that but I was also eating more unhealthy processed foods than I should have been. Diabetes is also a threat in my family and it was time to take control of my diet and set a good example for my children. Joining Fitmania was a vital step in my journey in bettering myself. Quickly I realized that Fitmania has a really good thing going and the next step would be joining the Lean for Life Challenge for some accountability during my journey. I wanted to show myself I was capable of comitting to something hard and following through until the end. So many times before I would tell myself I was going to make a change just to fall back in to the same unhealthy eating patterns. I had hope that the challenge would provide structure and the guidelines necessary  to stop making excuses to skip my workouts and continuing with bad eating habits. There was potential inside me I knew I had but didn’t have the confidence to explore and  needed to strengthen  my mind and body to unlock it.
Heading in to the Challenge I felt confident about the workouts, I was ready to take on working out 6 times a week. My feelings about working out had started to change, I began to look forward to something that was once a chore and now an exciting activity. Seeing how strong my body is becoming is so empowering. Despite breaking my toe 2 weeks in to the Challenge, I still showed up. Every morning I got up, took off by boot, taped my toes and gave everything I had during my workouts. I never used it as an excuse  to stay home or not work hard. Determination led me to find modifications or different exercises during class to ensure  I got a complete workout regardless of not being able to run, jump, or lunge for over a month. There were moments when quitting and starting over on the next challenge crossed my mind but I needed to push through this obstacle to help build mental toughness. I have learned to stop putting limitations on myself, that change happens when you get uncomfortable. Understanding this helped me start breaking personal records during my workouts. Being mentally tough goes hand in hand with having will power. When it came to my eating habits this played a huge role, especially when it came down to sugar. I am extremely proud of how much sugar has been eliminated from my diet. With the help of Fitmania’s eating principals and meal planning I was able to adopt a sustainable approach to eating. I now look at eating as fueling my body for optimal performance rather than eating just to eat. Many successes have come from this challenge but confidence is one of my favorites. I’m no longer held back by fear, fear of not being good enough or failing. This will be one of the most important lessons I have learned to pass along to my children. Did I lose several pounds? No. Did I shrink down a couple pant sizes?  Not really… But my body composition has definitely changed, I have more muscle mass and more strength. I can say I took on a challenge, stuck with it and am confident and ready to take on the next.

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