I’ve taught myself I am capable of outstanding growth and of doing very hard uncomfortable things and I’m totally capable to do it amazingly

I have this little voice and vision within me that sees all I can become and accomplish. It is that belief and vision I have in myself that brought me to FitMania to begin with and that carried me through this challenge. I reached a point in my life where true health had little or no place. I was spending too much time focusing on what my image was doing or not doing for others and no time truly devoting myself to my own well being and health. I had to dig deep where it truly hurt, where it’s dark, lonely, scarred a mess and scary. I had to face my own opinion and belief of myself and decide and come to know that I was enough reason to get my health in order and that I WAS my why. My why was me. I wanted to overcome the years I spent hurting, aching, and the damage I caused myself as I sought the approval of others as my motivation to appear lean or “skinny”. Everyone else use to be my why and it wasn’t getting me anywhere and it was too easy to make excuses and to seek out shortcuts that proved to be failing. I was done with never seeing myself as enough. I had to look within and start with the love I had for myself and start there. This shifted my thinking and my life.
I have come to love and appreciate myself as I truly am my greatest believer and cheerleader. I am capable and I am strong. I started and finished this challenge to bring out my inner strength physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. I’ve taught myself I am capable of outstanding growth and of doing very hard uncomfortable things and I’m totally capable to do it amazingly.
My body craves the principles taught at FitMania and the lifestyle it fosters. So much strength has come into my life in every single area as I increase my physical strength. I feel I am just beginning to experience what my strong is going to make of me and I absolutely love it. I am just beginning to experience my strength and I won’t stop here. Having come this far I realize I’m capable of more and I will achieve it.

I started and I finished. I taught myself that it is ok to do this for me and that being my own why is extremely empowering. That alone is my greatest success this whole challenge. Yes I’ve increased in speed, strength, endurance but most importantly I’ve increased in truly loving and caring for myself. I can truly say with confidence that I believe in myself. That offers me more motivation and peace than I’ve been able to find or create in many years. The magic of it all is it truly has literally become harder for me mentally & physically to give up than to not give up to keep going. That is monumental for me. It didn’t come easy. I had to fight my natural tendency to foster a negative, small thinking and failing, limiting mind set. I had to destroy the habit of looking out of myself for excuses instead of looking inward for solutions and inspirations.

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