I was completely motivated and committed to change my body, re-establish self-discipline habits and eat healthier.

This was my 4th challenge.  My first challenge was a huge success!  I was completely motivated and committed to change my body, re-establish self-discipline habits and eat healthier.  I was elated with my results after my first 90 Fitmania days.

The 2nd and 3rd challenges were no-finishers.  I started but fell short of actually completely the requirements.  My excuses (I told myself) were endless; trips out of town, work demands, blah, blah, blah.  However, I kept going to classes and I knew I was getting stronger and could see gradual body changes.  Just as important, my relationships with my fellow Fitmaniacs grew stronger as well which, honestly, is the reason I keep coming back!

I continue to participate in the challenges because I require the accountability aspect of staying with a program for fitness and health.  I am so prone to reverting back to old habits that make me miserable.  I know this about myself!  I also have learned that perfection is not a requirement to be a fitmaniac.

I moved to Emmett at the beginning of the challenge.  The drive from home to the Orchard site went from 10 minutes to 45!  I had to get creative if I was going to keep on schedule with my fitness. So I became a member at the Fort Boise Community Center, which is next to my classroom, and used the locker room there to get ready for work.  It took some extra effort in packing up my car in the morning, i.e., all my meals in the cooler, work clothes and everything I needed to shower, etc.  I got it handled!

The last month of the challenge, unknowingly, I stumbled into some poison ivy doing yard work.  I broke out with a severe case of blisters, rash, and relentless itching.  I had to be put on a steroid which has to be one of the ugliest drugs available.  It caused bloating, weight gain, irritability, and insomnia!  I missed a week of workouts due to the awful oozing of blisters and the itchiness. I had days when I felt so discouraged.  But, I kept coming to workouts, packing healthy meals, and tried to stay positive. In spite of that, in the end, I had some great results in inches lost.


Before & After

Multiple Challenge Results