I am completely blown away by this change and am so grateful for the shift.

  1. What were your reasons for accepting the Lean for Life Challenge?

This is my second challenge. My first challenge was awesome and I wanted to continue that awesomeness. Being in the challenge helps keep me on track with my program. It’s great incentive and provides the opportunity to be accountable to my coach and trainers and mainly to myself. I like my progress to be measured, that’s how I know my results.


  1. What were your successes, obstacles, life changes, etc. during the Challenge?

Little did I know this challenge was going to be much more difficult for me then the first. The time between the two challenges is when my downward spiral started. In a nutshell, I continued with the workouts but I did not continue with my new/healthy eating lifestyle. I totally fell back into my old ways! Eating patterns and bad habits crept back in. Once the challenge started it was hit and miss for me most of the way with eating right. I struggle each day with it hoping that the next day would be better then the previous. Finally, the last couple of weeks of the challenge, I had a huge shift in the way I was indulging in food. Some deep-rooted emotional connections I’ve had ALL of my life with food were lifted! I’ve done a lot of emotional work in this area over the years and have done a lot of praying on it, as I continued with the struggle. I had some deep realizations come to the surface and feel they have been released. I am completely blown away by this change and am so grateful for the shift. I feel it’s been an enormous triumph for a lifetime struggle. I will continue to pray about it and express my gratitude for this transformation. Now I’m totally on track, excited about more changes I can make with my body, my health and my strength. I’m excited to feel myself getting stronger with each workout, my endurance growing and my confidence building.


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