As a fitness coach I probably hear more excuses about why people miss a workout than a seventh grade math teacher hears for missing homework. Here is an excuse I hear frequently this time of year:

“Its summer.”

We all say it like it is perfectly obvious but think about it. Why would the mere fact that it is summer be a good reason to miss exercising?  The fact that it is summer is actually a good reason not to miss? Here are other reasons:

  • Stress release – Summer is wonderful but it is also stressful. The best remedy for stress is a short but hard workout.

  • Sense of control – Yes summer is less structured which is good but the lack of routine can be frustrating. Keeping an exercise routine can give us a sense of control over our lives.

  • Eat better – It is a proven fact that we are more likely to eat well on days we exercise.

  • Maintain progress – Unfortunately the fitness level that took months to gain can be lost in a few weeks.

  • Swimsuit season – Maybe we will feel just a little better about how we look at the beach or in those summer clothes.

The “busy” problem can affect us any time of the year. When we have a lot going on it feels like missing our workout session will help us keep up but typically it doesn’t work that way. The busier and more stressed we are the more we need our workout.

  • Exercise improves energy levels

  • Exercise improves cognitive ability

  • Exercise improves mood

  • Exercise improves creativity

  • Exercising and generally adhering to a schedule gives us a sense of control over our own lives

Do you need a little help to make it happen? Here is a tool we use in our FitLife Coaching & Personal Development program:  Daily Goal Tracking Sheets

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  • You can use a calendar or you can click here to download a Daily Goal Tracking Sheet for FREE. 

  • Plan which days you intend to workout in advance and then mark them off each day.

  • Give yourself a check mark if you make it.

  • Give yourself an X if it is a day that you do not workout and if you should have

  • If you missed your workout leave the space blank.

The goal is to fill every space. Tracking is a simple but very effective tool for developing habits for success.

Summer or winter – do not miss a workout session. At the end of the day you will be glad you were true to your commitment.


by Sherry Stirling Fernandez

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