Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t. 

-Jerry Rice

I started being interested in fitness in the early eighties and for most of the years since then I believed everyone should work out an hour a day, alternating days of long cardio with days in the weight room. I sensed there was a better way but couldn’t find it. Fifteen years ago I did a few 12 week sessions of the Body for Life challenge and learned that four hours a week could be more effective.  That was the beginning.  For the last six years I have done the research on HIRT, taught HIRT and seen the effects in my own fitness and in the fitness of my clients by doing HIRT. HIRT is the acronym for High Intensity Interval Resistance Training.  At FitMania it is affectionately called boot camp even though it looks different than other boot camp programs.


How It Works:

We have learned over the last dozen years that 20 minutes of interval training is much better than an hour of steady cardio for weight loss, metabolic rate and for cardiovascular fitness.  That was why the Body or Life program was able to reduce the time demands and get improved results.  You still had three hours a week for weights but the cardio was reduced to three, intense 20 minute interval workouts.

So what about those three hours of weights every week?  Well, instead of using the same few muscles to get your heart rate up for that 20 minutes of interval training, you get off the treadmill and use large multi-joint, multi-muscle movements.  You use your own body weight and move in ways your body was intended to move to get your heart rate up and your resistance (weight) training at the same time.  The exercises are timed intervals instead of your usual sets and reps. Can you get enough muscle this way?  It is at least as effective as traditional weight lifting in building muscle definition and superior in terms of real strength and toning.


  • Out performs aerobic exercise
  • Burns more calories than endurance cardio
  • Speeds up metabolism for 36-48 hours after your workout
  • Builds and maintains lean body tissue and muscle density
  • Because movements are “functional” there is less chance of injury
  • Improves both aerobic and anaerobic endurance
  • More time efficient at 30-45 minutes a workout
  • Improved cortisol response
  • Improved glycemic control for Type II diabetics
  • HIRT is appropriate for any fitness level

At FitMania we use HIRT training at its best.

  • This is group training but with small classes and individual attention. is no waste of time.
  • We use only the best exercises based on the latest science
  • First session is always free and if you would like a consultation first that is also free
  • Nutrition is vital to any good program. FitMania membership includes a nutrition program with unlimited consultations
  • At FitMania you will find a unique culture where trainers and other clients are invested in your success

“All of the body’s systems – digestive, circulatory, immune, and so on – are interrelated.  The common thread that binds them together is movement.  The faster the molecules of the body move the, higher the metabolic rate.  The higher the metabolic rate, the healthier the human being.  We are designed to run, jump, climb, fall, roll, and skip.”   – Pete Egoscue

HIRT works.  Believe it!

By Sherry Stirling Fernandez

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